Pastep For Developers

Create awesome stuff by using our api and frameworks

Before You Begin

Wrapper Frameworks

We've packages for some languages , check if we support the one your using down below .

Language Supported Version
JavaScript Yes 0.0.1
Python Yes 1.0.9
Java No Soon
C++ No Soon
TypeScript No Soon
C# No Soon


Each user has an api token which can be found in edit account page. keep your api key secret too. For to use it set api_secret query variable to your api key

Query Example Value Example Usage
api_secret [email protected]

API Routes


This route'll help you to search for a paste / pastes in our website

Route Example

Search Route Parameters

Parameter Type Example
length optional ?length=10
query required ?query=discord


Returns all trending pastes in pastep

Route Example

No required parameters

Paste info

Retunrs a paste data , based on the id passed in it parameters

Route Example

Paste info route parameters

Parameter Type Example
id required ?id=29Jwm...(283

User info

Returns a pastep user data

Route Example

User info route parameters

Parameter Type Example
username required ?username=Touka.


For Python

Pastep API Wrapper For Python More

PastepDB a database created by us More

For Node.JS

Pastep API Wrapper For JavaScript More